Our Areas of Law

Volker Kühn: "Verstrickt"; Copyright: Volker Kühn.  ... Wir helfen, dass Sie sich nicht im Paragraphenwald verstricken...
  Volker Kühn, Verstrickt (get lost)
We help that you will not get lost in the jungle of law.

1. Foreign Trade Law, including EC, US
    and WTO Law

2. “Law of Substances” (Foodstuff, Chemicals
     and Environmental Law)

3. Other Business Law

For a detailed description of our legal services offered: cf. our side “Current Legal Documents, Notes and our Legal Services Offered” in relation to the following legal areas:

- EC Export Law/EC Foreign Trade Law
- US Export Law
- Customs Law
- International Contract Law
- WTO Law
- Law of Chemicals & Biocidal Products
- Foodstuff, Cosmetics & Medical Devices Law
- Law for the Global Marketing of Products
  (incl. international taxation)
- Environmental Law (German & international regulations)
- International Arbitration & International Litigation
- Company, Competition, Antitrust and Trademark Law
  (German & international regulations)
- Constitutional Law, business regulatory law &
  international law

and in relation to the following special topics:
- Iran Embargo
- Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)
- US Law & Trade with the USA
- Chinese Law & Trade with China
- Indian Law & Trade with India
- Japanese Law & Trade with Japan

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