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continuously updated reports on recent developments of legal activities and conferences/publications
(as of: 20 November 2008)


1. Recent legal activities:

  • January 2004: New co-operation partner in Beijing. On 17 January a block seminar of the University of Frankfurt was held at our law firm for the course: Current Issues of WTO Law (see also: Seminars)
  • December 2003: 08 December  block seminar on zoning law of Frankfurt University in Büdingen in Hotel-Restaurant “Sonnenberg” starting 10:00 a.m. (also see: Lectures). 31 December: We wish everyone a happy New Year! We would like to thank all of you for your interest in our law firm in 2003 and will especially fondly remember our law firm's summer party <see also photo>.

    ohmann und Partner, Our Summer Party 2003
  • November 2003: Expansion of our international co-operation network by the addition of two new co-operation partners in Paris and Shanghai.
  • October 2003: Mandate for IT-Outsourcing of two energy and water services of two municipalities.
  • September 2003: Dr. Harald Hohmann receives a mandate for an export criminal procedure before the Regional Court of Stuttgart (starting 15 October, appointments through the end of April).
  • July 2003: Lectures in Japan by Dr. Harald Hohmann (see below).
  • June 2003: 23 June Seminar on energy law Seminar on energy law with Management Circle: Current issues on law of public services in Berlin on 23 June, presentation by Dr. Harald Hohmann (see below “Seminars”).
  • May 2003: Summer party on 23 May 2003: More than 100 guests from all over Germany joined our party; we would like to thank you for coming and for your interest!
  • October 2002: The law firm begins operations

    Hohmann Rechtsanwälte, Our Summer Party 2003

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